‘You and I’ is one of Alternative Press favorite videos of 2016

It is not breaking news that PVRIS creaste art, not only for the ears, but also the visuals. This year they released a Deluxe edition of White Noise featuring a DVD that included the visuals for each one of their songs, all videos directed by Raul Gonzo.

Alternative Press revealed their 20 favorite videos of 2016 and ‘You and I’ is featured in it. And that is what they said:

“Most PVRIS music videos are instantly recognizable by their black and white, film noiraesthetic—it’s simply the perfect style for their atmospheric electro-rock. “You And I,” however, pushed the limits of their experimental visuals by incorporating artsy yet eerie surrealist imagery. Whether vocalist Lynn Gunn is covered in oil, submerged in water, filmed in profiled silhouette or hovering over her blinded bandmates like some kind of beautiful cosmic demon, “You And I” creates creepy, almost Hitchcockian images that perfectly fit their contemporary shoe-gaze

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