We are so glad to finally open this website!

When we first created this fanbase in February, we wanted to do this, but we had no time to create a full website.
These past months, as Eric is studying Web Programming and I (Paula) am passionate to Graphic Design and Web Design, we got ready to do this. And here it is!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of PVRIS Daily on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube… We really appreciate that you are so supportive with this fanbase.

We just do this with love for PVRIS, as we want them to be more successful and to be a solid fandom, get to know people thanks to this band is awesome!

And last, but not least, we want YOU to submit your fan-arts to post them on this website. So, please, feel free to send us your awesome creations here.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

PVRIS Daily.

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