Welcome to PVRIS Daily Street Team!

We have been working hard for two years now and get to know amazing fans around the world on the Twitterverse, it is time we ALL work together! We have created this unofficial Street Team to help PVRIS promote their upcoming album “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell” – set to be released on August 4th.

Until that date, we want to make sure every single person around the world get to know about them and purchase the album. We ordered stickers and flyers so you can help us spread the word on the street, clubs, friends…


We made packs of 4 stickers 7x7cm and cost 1€. Wish we could send them for free, but all the money we get from the purchases will be spent on more PVRIS promo things! PVRIS Daily created a Big Cartel website where you can buy these tickers. Stickers are on our way home and will be delivered to your houses between 1-2 weeks (depending where you live).

We are also – still – creating posters and flyers in different languages so you can print them and cover your city in beautiful PVRIS posters.

If you receive your stickers or print posters and stick them in your town, make sure you use hashtag #PVRISDailyST so we can see it and you will get a chance to win amazing PVRIS prizes!


All you have to do is fill this form!


We designed some posters in different languages so you can print and put them all over your city! If you can’t find your language, let us know and we’ll make them!

Select your language:

English | Spanish | French | Deutsch | Italian | Japanese | Russian | Portuguese | Dutch | Polish


We are in no way affiliated with PVRIS or Rise Records. This Street Team is not official – but as a fanbase, we want to help PVRIS and make people get into them. CVLT is a big family and everyone is welcome to this family!