Back in November, 2015, IMAGISTA interviewed Lynn Gunn and she talks about how PVRIS came together, about how local scene influenced them, her inspiration…

Lynn_Gunn_Pvris_Imagista__0044-as-Smart-Object-1“Eventually they [Lynn’s old band] asked me to be in their band and I was like “hell yeah!” I played guitar and did a little bit of singing but not a lot. It was a pretty heavy rock band and through that I met Brian and Alex.”

PVRIS were touring with Bring Me The Horizon when IMAGISTA interviewed Lynn, she adds:

“We’re touring with a band called Bring Me The Horizon. Usually with European tours it’s all about the headliners, so it’s weird being the no-name band and still seeing people singing along and getting into it. It’s been really crazy to see.”

Also, she talks about the writing and albu process:

“I had a bunch of demos and snippets of songs on my laptop that I had been working on (…)  I actually did a lot of writing lyrically and vocally while in the studio but a lot of the instrumental parts were done that first week. It was kind of done backwards, but I think that gives the record its genuineness and rawness because a lot of it was done on the spot.”

If you want to keep reading the interview, just click here and you will know anything you need to know about the art-maker for the eyes and ears.

Also, if you want to see the full photoshoot for IMAGISTA by Michael Williams, go to our gallery by clicking here.

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