It’s been a while – well, just two months – since we did a giveaway and we thought that, with the release of White Noise Deluxe, we should giveaway a copy for those who can’t afford it.

How to enter?

All you have to do this time is be creative! Follow us on Twitter and tweet us your fan-art. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea how to draw, you can also send edits and photoshoped things you think it may be cool!

The giveaway is WORLD WIDE and you have time to enter until May 22nd at 12am GMT. Winner will be announced on the 24th!


  • Submit your work, don’t steal. As we are all the time on the internet, we will know if you have submitted a tumblr edit or drawing ;P
  • Follow us on Twitter. At least until the 24th, this way you will know if you are the winner or not!

Good luck to everyone!


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