Are PVRIS leaving us some hints?

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We all know PVRIS were (and still are) in the studio recording what will be their second album, right? Lynn showed some pictures of her in the studio with Blake (producer of White Noise) and she posted a picture of a computer with 45 songs that they recorded for this upcoming album.

They also revealed a few months ago that they created a Snapchat profile of PVRIS (@ThisIsPVRIS) and on August 14th they posted a snap – that none of us understood, to be honest! – we just made some theories that never got clarified.  

But yesterday, PVRIS surprised us with another snap and a CVLT member reversed the video, and seems it’s got to be a new song we’ve never heard before.

Also, yesterday was September 14th. Doesn’t it tell you something? Previous snap was on August 14th. It seems every 14th they’re teasing us some new clues that will guide us into their new album, or is it just a coincidence? We will never know until PVRIS deny it or approve it.

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Plus, follow the making of PVRIS Album 2 here.

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