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A few days ago the magazine Alternative Press featured a post on their website where they talked with some bands which are working on new music to release next year. PVRIS is one of those bands, and Lynn told a few more clues about this new Album 2.

Here’s the entry:

ALTERNATIVE PRESS :: Our Most Anticipated alternative releases of 2017

We spoke with: Lynn Gunn (vocals/guitar)
EXPECT IT: To Be Announced
WHAT’S DIFFERENT: I can say that we’re different—like, we as people. We recorded White Noise probably three years ago, so with this record, we have a lot more ideas. We have a lot more experiences to draw from, and just overall maturity as humans and writers. All those things combined into one. There’s also more pressure on this one as well, but it’s a good pressure, I think.
I definitely think there’s quite a few different elements added in on this record, whether it’s synth sounds, the guitar sound, vocal styling—stuff like that. It’s pretty diverse and all over the place, but still has that PVRIS flair to it. I’m trying not to give away too much about it, because I still want to leave some mystery. It’s definitely different. There’s a lot of new and unique sounds added in on this record that will be prevalent throughout.
BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN MAKING THE RECORD: Not overthinking it. All the problems we’ve had have been good problems. We’ve had too many demos and too many ideas to choose from and narrow down. That was the first initial problem: just an overload of songs and ideas. So that was one of the initial challenges.
Now I think one of the things we’re facing is [deciding] what song belongs where, what’s going to come out first—that strategic thinking towards the record. It’s all been good problems, and I’m super-happy that they’re good problems and not bad problems.

IS IT MORE “MY HOUSE” OR “HOLY”? Everything. There’s a lot of heavy, rock-driven songs; there’s a lot of almost R&B songs; and [there’s] a lot more laid-back songs. It’s dynamic and all over the place.

—Annie Zaleski

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